Friday, October 5, 2018

We ate. we drank. We had fun together, and that really helped our two choirs come together and make one cohesive choir.

Several of our braver (and more able-bodied) people took the tour of the roofs and the tower at Ely.

We visited Norwich Cathedral on a day when it was full of families with young children. On this day, Norwich truly embodied the Living Church.

Sandringham has such lovely gardens. No pictures of the interior of the house are allowed, but there were plenty of pictures taken of the grounds and the church.

We enjoyed our trip to Burghley House. We definitely could have spent several days there and not seen everything.

We visited Cambridge on our day off.
Our group toured The American Cemetery at Madingley and laid a wreath in the chapel. It was a very moving experience for all who went. Here are some of the pictures we took.